St Ignatius Primary School

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Prep 2024 Enrolments

St Ignatius School is taking enrolments for Prep 2024.  

Please visit to submit an enrolment application online.

Interviews will take place soon so please ensure you have completed your application.

Twilight Tour

Date Claimer:  St Ignatius School has an upcoming opportunity to showcase our school to interested parents at a Twilight Tour on Wednesday 3 May from 5—6:30pm.   Please RSVP per details below.

Latest Parish News

Safeguarding News

“Pope Francis has updated the procedures for investigating sexual abuse allegations, specifying that leaders of international Catholic lay associations and movements have the same responsibilities

Holy Week Services 2023

Holy Week Services 2023 Parish Lenten Communal Rite of Reconciliation Saturday 1 April at 5pm (prior to 6pm Saturday Vigil Mass) at St Ignatius Church,