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(Further to announcement made by Fr Wrex / PPC member at parish Masses, following their March meeting) —

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has been considering the future of the parish and how we can sustain the vibrancy of the community across both churches.  To help the PPC understand the expectations of parishioners and the people who connect with the parish, we are asking for your input to two questions:-

i)  what do I need from this parish community?  and

ii) what am I prepared to do for the parish community? 

You can provide your response either via email or by completing a form located at the back of both churches now (or alternatively you can place your responses into an envelope and deliver or post to St Ignatius Parish Office, 30 Kensington Terrace, Toowong Qld 4066). 

Please provide your responses prior to our next PPC meeting, to be held on Thursday 20 April.

Thank you.

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