Before Your Marriage

Marriage is such an important moment in your lives.

We know that you will do all you can to prepare sensibly for your wedding day and your future marriage.

Preparation for Marriage

Six-months notice is required for completion of both church and government documents.  

Marriage preparation is necessary;  ‘Centacare Brisbane’ offers several excellent marriage courses. 

For more information about Marriage in the Catholic Church please refer to the Archdiocese of Brisbane website.


You will (each) need to provide to your priest a copy of Birth and Baptism Certificates. 

A copy of your Baptism Certificates can be obtained from the parish office of the parish where you were baptised.

Booking the Church

Bookings can be made through your Priest of choice or by contacting the Parish Office via phone 07 3870 7818 or email Parish Secretary can discuss with you a day, a time and a priest (if you require one).

Also, if you would like to marry away from the churches of the Parish (St Ignatius Church or Holy Spirit Church) and you need a priest, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office to discuss.

To make a booking for either of our parish churches, please complete the ‘Marriage Ceremony Booking Form‘ (link below). The Parish Office will contact you upon receipt of the completed form.

Other Details:


Please arrange your choice of music ie organist and vocalist or a string quartet etc.  The church has a Keyboard and an Organ plus sound-system facilities. 


You may contact your own florist or you may arrange the flowers yourself.

Also, if there are two weddings on the same day, you may wish to speak to the other couple and share the cost of the flowers.

Cost (Church Use fee):

The $600.00 that you pay for ‘Church Use’ covers all administration and church expenses.

Also, there is a tradition that you offer your priest a donation; it contributes to his livelihood.

Some Organisation Details

  1. We will co-operate with you in every way.  However, there are moments when we have Liturgical decorations in place that are difficult to remove.  (eg. the crib at Christmas).  We are happy to discuss this with you when you make the booking.
  2. It is difficult for us to clean confetti or rose petals therefore we request these are not used inside or outside the church.  However soap bubbles are acceptable.
  3. The church and surrounds need to be cleared by 5pm Saturday, 4pm Sunday and 5pm on a weekday in time for the evening Masses.  Please leave the church as you found it and replace any furniture.
  4. If you need a rehearsal, organise this with your priest.  A common time is 6pm one or two days before your wedding day.
  5. You are encouraged to check that your wedding photographer complies with the Privacy and Child Protection acts.

“Marriage is an intimate partnership

of life and love of which God is the author.

For this reason, Christian spouses have

a special sacrament by which they are strengthened

in the duties and dignity of their state”.

                                                Vatican Council II.