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Our newsletter bulletin is a weekly publication, that is both printed and electronic, that informs readers about current events in and around the Parish. Printed publications are available at the entrance of our churches. Our electronic versions are sent via email to subscribers each Friday. Previous issues are archived below.


The Parish eNews publication originated at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic as a way of maintaining connections between Parish and Community with informative information, stories and news items, Sunday readings and Fr Wrex’s homily. This weekly digest is a form of online communication between Parish and community. Previous issues can be found when you open the weekly publication.

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1st January, 20238th January 2023 (combined)
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4th December, 2022
+AofB: Safeguarding Survey Results
11th December, 2022
18th December, 2022
+ PPC Report
25th December, 2022
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6th November, 202213th November, 2022
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4th September, 2022
& Laudato Si (insert)
11th September, 2022
18th September, 202225th September, 2022
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