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Volunteering at St Ignatius Parish

St Ignatius Parish exudes a vibrant atmosphere through community engagement.  Participation is encouraged through volunteering in any role within the liturgy and other parish activities.

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Volunteering for a Liturgical Ministry Role

The Mass is considered the “fount and apex of the Christian life”, so everyone is encouraged to participate as fully as possible.  Full, conscious and active participation means engagement of the person in body, mind and spirit.  While there are many ways that people participate in the Mass physically (by their posture, gestures and movement) and vocally (by joining in all the sung or spoken parts), these are secondary unless they promote interior participation.  Full participation comes about when people pray with all their heart and soul and mind and strength (cf Mk 12:30).  The role of all the words and symbols and ritual action of the Mass is to engage the whole person at a deep level of faith. 

The Mass is not a ceremony performed by the priest in front of a passive audience.  Rather the priest presides over and coordinates a whole range of ministries.  At our parish, these ministries include: Sacristan, Altar Server, Reader, Eucharistic Minister, Children’s Liturgist, Musician and Singer.

Other volunteer roles

There are several other roles for volunteers at weekend Masses including Data Projection and Hospitality. In addition, the parish is appreciative of volunteers for special projects and maintenance of parish properties.

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Safeguarding requirements for volunteers

As part of your role in the parish, you may be required to participate in ongoing education regarding safeguarding, including:

  • your duty of care to protect others from harm,
  • your legal and moral duty to effectively respond to and report concerns, allegations or complaints, and  
  • your reporting obligations.

To find out how you can satisfy safeguarding requirements as a volunteer in the parish please follow the steps to complete safeguarding requirements