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Setting up the hall…….

Mass of Thanksgiving

Mass Booklet

Getting ready for lunch

Order of service

Lunch is served

Toast and gift presentations

Not one cake….but two!

Welcome Jesuits Australia

Note of Thanks from Fr Wrex

I want to thank everybody involved in last Sundays’ celebration for giving me such a wonderful send-off and I know the Jesuits were equally gob-smacked at the welcome as I had an email from Fr Frank Brennan on Monday saying: “What a great day. Thanks for including me and the SJ in the celebrations so fully.”

Without naming names, I particularly want to thank those who organized the event. Both the Liturgy and the Function following were awesome and well-conceived in the planning. I also realize and applaud the way they encouraged others to play a part by coming along and bringing food for the Banquet and I want to thank the many of you who responded to that invitation and, not only attended, but created a feast of mammoth proportions.

I also want to acknowledge those who weren’t able to be there but expressed their disappointment to me. Your friendship and concern for me over the past six years has been much appreciated. One of the things I really loved was the way people pitched in to help set up and put away the Hall furnishings. I almost fell over with surprise when I went into the Hall after farewelling family and friends, ready to help dismantle the Tables, to find everything had been tidied up and put away and it was only 2.30pm.

Last but definitely not least, thank you for the generosity and thought that went into my gifts. I will try to spend and use them wisely and always remember the gift you have been to me in so many ways during my time at Toowong/Auchenflower! Fr Wrex

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