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Toowong parishioner, Cormac Stagg, has published his book, titled, ‘The Quest for a Humble Heart’.

You can purchase e-book or hard copy via Amazon, use this link—

or alternatively, please contact Parish Office to arrange purchase one of the limited copies Cormac has made available for purchase via the Parish Office.  Cost: $20.00 (cash only).

Cormac Stagg, an Irish rebel ravaged by alcoholism and broken by depression, stumbles upon an old, shaky-handed mystic… and thus begins his lifelong journey into a radically inclusive, game-changing spirituality of the heart.
In this moving and humorous account of his unlikely transformation, Cormac shares insights about his search for the humble-hearted place where he finds inner peace and freedom. Along the way, you’ll meet an alcoholic nun with profound, hard-won wisdom about surrender; a gang of Jesuit mystics with a treasure trove of suggestions about the spiritual life; and “the wise ones,” extraordinary women who live and breathe humility, kindness, and compassion.
Written from the heart, for the heart, this memoir is for anyone who seeks a path to personal change and a better way of being in the world. Above all, these pages contain hope for those who desire an up-close and personal relationship with the living God, the One who dwells deep within and gives love and life to everything.

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