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Review of Safeguarding Training.

The Archdiocese will be implementing a new Safeguarding Policy. The draft has been reviewed with new framework developed and will apply to all Archdiocese parishes, ministries, services, and agencies. 

The new Policy will include a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy, to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people who interact with the Archdiocese, to help protect the children and young people from abuse and harm. The Strategy will consist of eight requirements- addressing Codes of Conduct, Policies & Procedures, written procedures, risk management plans, and Blue Card compliance.

Hopefully, formal approval is achieved by end of February.

Only one safeguarding module.

Upon approval, the training will consist of only one module.

Volunteers can access the module via the Archdiocese website at

This training takes approx. one hour to complete, and must be completed every two years.

Volunteers must register completion with their parish for compliance purposes. Volunteers will also soon be able to access the training via Archdiocese e-learn, volunteers will be advised when available.

Safeguarding Training webinars and face to face learning also will be available after hours soon for volunteers wishing to undertake – further information will be distributed via parish newsletter.

Thank you to all volunteers for your time and efforts in volunteering for our Community of Communities, it is much appreciated.

  – Janine Curcuruto, Local Safeguarding Representative

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