Steps to complete safeguarding requirements

Screening and Registration with the Parish Office

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has implemented standards of conduct for volunteers to maintain a safe and healthy ministry environment which are screened through the Archdiocese of Brisbane ‘STANDARD Volunteer Safeguarding Accreditation Requirements & MATRIX’ (the matrix). The matrix defines the level of risk when undertaking activities and ministries where contact with children or adults-at-risk is part of the activity, or reasonably expected, and the contact is more than incidental (i.e. brief or in passing).

The parish demonstrates commitment to these standards by providing the Archdiocese with evidence of compliance with this matrix.

All volunteers within the parish must register through the Parish Office.  If you are registered as a volunteer with another parish, you must notify our Parish Office so that your details can also be linked to our Parish.  A volunteer can be registered in more than one parish. 

Once you are registered with the Parish Office, you will be advised which screening procedures, training programs and agreements you must complete prior to the commencement of your role in our parish.

These steps ensure the parish can provide safe and enriching interactions with children and adults at risk.

Blue Card

In accordance with the Archdiocese of Brisbane ‘Parish Volunteer Requirement Matrix’ volunteers over the age of 18 involved in parish ministries that involve children are required to hold a current Blue Card linked to the parish

Contact the Parish Office to update your details or for advice on obtaining a Blue Card.

Induction, Education and Supervision

The Parish Office will advise volunteers if Safeguarding training is required for their volunteer role in the parish (according to the Matrix) and when it is time to renew said training.  Please note, if you are taking on an additional volunteer role in the parish, you will need to check with the Parish Office if there are any additional safeguarding requirements before starting in that role.

When you complete the training, you need to complete the Confirmation of Completion form, either online or on paper (and send a copy to the Parish Office if you’ve filled out the Completion form on paper).

Record Keeping

The Parish Office maintains up-to-date records of the status of Blue Card, attendance at induction and ongoing training programs, and other requirements in accordance with the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s

MATRIX – Volunteer Safeguarding Accreditation Requirements‘.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are conducted within the parish by relevant staff and coordinators to identify and assess risks associated with activities and programs involving children and young people to minimise opportunities for harm to occur.  Risk assessments are recorded and kept by the Parish Office.

MATRIX – Volunteer Safeguarding Accreditation Requirement
Safe Conduct Standards
Volunteer Prior Conduct Declaration
Police Check (complete online via this link or print and complete the Hard Copy form)
Blue Card (complete online via ‘Blue Card Services’ website or print and complete the Hard Copy form)
Archdiocese of Brisbane Whistleblower Policy
Confirmation of Safeguarding Training Completion Form